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Posted by Tom on January 16, 2004 at 19:48:29:
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I was having the same problem. Got two compression fittings on just fine. But, later, bumped them a bit while working with the baseboard and then they started leaking just a tad, maybe teasponnful overnight. Had to call the plumber for another problem, so he looked at the compression fittings on the two angle stops. He tightened both, one for one full turn and the other for two full turns. He said they weren't tight enough. I did the 1/2 turn, like the box and elsewhere said. Not enough I guess.

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: : I'm really partial to the look of the hard pipe. It goes much better with the fixtures and the look of the room. Any ideas how to make the compression fitting work?

: The supply riser needs to be absolutely square to the world--it cannot be slanated off to one side or the other. Use a little oil or pipe dope on the threads and tighten snug. I find that more compression fittings leak from overtightening than undertightening. If the pipe is moved after tightening, it can leak.
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