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Posted by ED on January 16, 2004 at 16:02:52:
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Having a problem understanding "exactly" what you mean.

How old is your home? Does this bathroom already exist and you want to renovate it into a new bathroom with a shower stall?

There are codes that dictate how much
room you must have for clearances for fixtures. For example, a shower stall requires 24" of clearance in front of the doors. Similar requirements exist for spacing of toilets and sinks, etc.

What is the size of your bath(?)room at this point?

MOre info would help.

: Forgive me if I'm reading your request incorrectly.
: How can the room be too small? What are its dimensions? If you can't fit a fixture, how can you fit a stall? As far as plumbing from the front, normally, you rough in the plumbing and then install the shower. You don't put the stall in first.

: : Need some help finding info on a basement shower stall. The entire basement is remodeled with the exception of the bathroom, and I would like a nice bathroom. Problem is the basement bath is block walls on all 4 sides. Also the room is too small for building fir walls on the inside. Therefore all water lines come from the ceiling and drop down. Most corner shower stalls I have found are plumbed from behind. Does anyone know of a corner shower that can be installed and then plumbed from the front through some type of access panel? Or one that comes preplubed with extension hoses that conect up above the stall?

: : Thanks in advance,

: : Matthew

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