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Posted by Hube on January 16, 2004 at 08:57:40:
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: I have a Red Jacket well pump that is almost 11 years old. One of the kids flushed the toliet tonight and when the pump first kicked on, it sounded normal but as it ran it got louder and then we could feel vibrations in the floor. We were sitting in the living room which is above where the pump is. Is this something I should call someone to come and check or should I just wait until the whole thing dies? Are these pumps supposed to be serviced at any particular time? And roughly what does it cost to replace a well pump? I grew up on a farm and I only remember my Dad fiddling with the well pump when it would freeze or lose its prime. Thanks!
Not too much info to go on,but I assume your meaning a SUB type pump that is located in the Well near the bottom....IF its a DRILLED Well, the noise could be the isolators (if any )that are around the pump's body have come loose or worn, thus wobbling, or knocking against the Well casing. Also some vertical lines to the pump have "stand-off clips to secure the line to the casing, one of these may have dropped off. Your best to call in a Pro to check it out before more damage to the pump. Good luck, Hube

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