Re: Gas Line installation for a range
Posted by Tubby on January 16, 2004 at 08:32:44:
In response to Re: Gas Line installation for a range
The gas line would have to be sized for the system. What this means is the most convienent gas line may not be the best choice as the pipe may not be large enough to handle the demand of the water heater, in your case, along with the stove in total usage.
Usually, appliances have there own line ran from the main, or the line is sized large and reduced as it comes to the different appliances.
I do not know why a gas line can not go in an attic from the garage, unless the attic run is being used as a pleum for your furnace. That would be against gas code, however, even that can be modified if the piping is encased inside another pipe (you would need a variance from the local building department, not a big deal).

Not impossible in your case, you just need to ask more questions to your contractor....

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