Electric Hot Water Heater
Posted by Chris on January 15, 2004 at 20:47:43:
I have a 40 gal. Whirlpool electric water heater .. A couple days ago, a water line problem down the street from me caused my local water co. to cut the water off to my house for several hours while I was at work. As a result, I had no hot water after about 36 hours. Upon checking, it was eveident that my upper element was bad, so I replaced it. Now comes the problem .. I checked the upper and lower thermostat using a continuity test - and both checked okay. So did the lower element. The probelm is that I have electricity at the upper element and thermostat (240V), but I can't detect absolutely anything (electricity wise) at the bottom - thermostat or element. What would cause this?? Any help greatly appreciated.

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