Disposal remnants in neighbors tub
Posted by Jane on January 15, 2004 at 14:18:26:
I recently moved into my condo (built in 1915 and turned into condo's in the early 1980's). Last night my neighbor knocked on my door and asked me to take a look at his tub. The bottom of his bathtub (located on the other side of a wall which is adjacent to my kitchen sink) was filled with the remnants of my Thai food dinner (which I had garbage disposed of in my sink early in the evening).
I had noticed that my sink had not been draining well, but didn't think much of it. He attempted to plunge his tub, with no success. I plunged my sink, causing more water and food to come through the drain in his bathtub. He also attempted to snake the drain, which had no impact. He cannot use his shower, due to the food/water in his tub. And when he turns his bathroom sink on, bubbles gurgle out from the tub drain.
We both live on the first floor of a 3 floor condo building. Is it possible that part of the waste pipe has frozen and this is causing the backup into his tub? I do not want to use my kitchen sink, as I do not want to cause anymore food or water to flow into his tub. What steps, if any can I take to alleviate the problem as soon as possible?

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