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Posted by Deb on January 15, 2004 at 11:22:34:
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: I have an older Universal Rundle toilet. We remodeled the bathroom but decided to keep it. The toilet to bowl rubber gasket was so old it was falling apart - so got a new one . . . and a new one . . . I have since tried 5 different ones and they all leak! Not slow dripping - but running all over the floor. I know it isn't the bolts as I can see the water running out of the gasket. I know I am putting it on right. I have tried the gasket for Crane, for American Standard, and 2 Universal ones (not Universal Rundle but the 'fits all' type). I can't find a Universal Rundle gasket. The American Standard gasket looks so close to the old one but not exacly. The bathroom is done and looks beautiful but this toilet is driving me CRAZY! I would just put the old one on again but I threw it away. Any suggestions?

Examine the tank closely for cracks. It is fairly easy to crack a tank. I'm like hj. I use the Amer Std gaskets and never have any trouble.
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