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Posted by hj on January 15, 2004 at 08:30:36:
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Most, if not all of those tubs are supported by their rims, but they have a 2x4 frame underneath it it to support the weight. Here is how a plumber would usually do it. Remove the tub entirely from its existing framework and move it out of the way. Then build a new framework using 2x4's, not 1x2's, at the new height with adequate support around the opening where the tub will fit, and not necessaryily aat the point where the feet would be on the ground. FInish the top surface, put the tub into the opening. Make the necessary water and drain connections and test the plumbing. Then close the front of the decking. You might still want to have at least one step to facilitate entering and leaving the tub, rather than having to step over a high wall.

: We have a monster castiron Kohler tub in the master bath that's currently set on a raised and tiled platform. You get into the tub by climbing two steps. We are in the process of lowering it about five inches, building a new frame, and setting granite around it. When tearing up the steps we found that the tub is currently supported solely by the plywood deck at its edges. (Hard to believe when the total weight of the thing when filled with water and a two-hundred pound man could be 800+ pounds.)The tub has feet but they are currently suspended above the concrete floor.
: I'm going to have a plumber do the rehookup but I've got questions about the best way to build the new, lower deck and reset the tub. My proposed approach, after disconnecting the tub from the water lines and drain:

: 1. Chalkmark the tub foot positions on the floor.

: 2. Slide the tub out. (I've put lumber under it so it doesn't fall when I tear away the existing plywood deck and frame. I'm guessing I can horse it one end at a time away from the back wall so I can get to the back wall. I should be able to move it about 18" out.

: 3. Cut away all the dry wall up to where the new backsplash will go and replace it.

: 4. Cutnail pressure treated lumber to the chalk marks on the floor to reset the tub on. (On its feet, no real weight to go to the new deck.)

: 5. Nail 1x2 horizontally on the three walls around the tub to support the new plywood decking.

: Now, here's the part I'm not clear on.

: The new deck needs to be 1" lower than the underside of the tub top edges to clear the granite to finish the deck. I somehow need to

: a. set the tub on the lumber I nailed to the floor and THEN ALIGN AND LEVEL IT. This thing is heavy and big. Can I use shims? Any advice on handling or leveling?

: b. install the frame exactly one inch below the tub flanges (edges, whatever) and there's not much room in back once the tub is reset. Suggestions?

: c. get the plumber in for hookup before completing the frame and deck.

: Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

: CK

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