Sewer Gas odor? 100yr old house
Posted by Sarah on January 15, 2004 at 00:51:09:
help. Bought this city row house in Feb 2003. I replaced most of the cast iron soil pipe in my brick exterior wall in june. About 12 feet of it. It had been leaking for 2 yrs or so. ick, mold. anyway, i have been having an odd smell in the house with a bathroom vicinity origination. I took off the tub access panel, as this seems to be the source of smell. I can't see any water anywhere, or leakage. My plumber said he thought it was sewer gas. He is set to replace my tub drain. (tub from 50's, approx) Might this have something to do with it? The smell started out in the linen closet (tub access) probably in the fall. It is so bad now that you can smell it when you walk in the front door downstairs. It's nauseating. I'm so upset, because I finally have all the walls back together from the soil pipe/ mold remediation projects. any info at all would be a help.

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