Re: new air gap
Posted by hj on January 14, 2004 at 21:55:09:
In response to Re: new air gap
Use a hammer and screwdriver to knock the plug out. Then remove that loose piece from the disposer. When you said the air gap was backing up, you did not indicate that all the water was coming out of it. The way it was worded implied that most of the water was going down the drain and only a small portion was leaking from the air gap.

: : Looping tbe hose is for when you do not use the air gap. The connection into the disposer could be blocked. The hose from the air gap to the disposer could have a dip in it, be plugging up, or be too long for proper drainage.

: : : We have installed a dishwasher where there was not one previously. We are very proud of ourselves and all is good EXCEPT- when the dishwaher drains, it comes ou tof the top of the air gap- why? How do I make it stop? I did not "loop" the hose- is that it?

: I don't know if you received my reply but I checked and the hose is fine but the opening to the disposal where we put the hose is closed- like it has never been opened. Now what? Thank you.

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