Re: Cast iron horizontal sewer pipe.
Posted by Doug on January 14, 2004 at 21:28:41:
In response to Re: Cast iron horizontal sewer pipe.

Hey, funny thing, I have the same problem. My house was built in 1957. Last year we remodeled the back of the house, and they ended up replacing much of the cast iron with PVC. The kitchen drains go horizontal under the floor for about 8 feet, then turns 90 degrees to meet the undergound main sewer line. It is still cast iron.

I am thinking of cutting the cast iron and using the rubber couplers that Ed mentioned to bring in the new PVC.

I have a question for Ed, though. The horizontal part is about 8 feet. Should I make it so that there is a slant? Or should I just use 2 90 degree elbows like it is now?


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