continuous running pump
Posted by Applehead on January 14, 2004 at 19:59:47:

I have recently new 3/4 HP jet pump on my well system. It was running non-stop. It seemed like a sticking pressure switch so I replaced it. The new switch came factoy set at 20psi on and 40psi off. It still ran continuously, so I adjusted the cut out only until it shut off ten full turns is what it took (I need to install a pressure gage). Now the pump comes on immediately when the system is opened and goes off immediately when the system is closed, and the water supply is insufficient (washing machine filling in the basement causes no water in the kitchen sink). I checked the air pressure in the holding tank it is 40psi. My father thinks I should call the well service and have them check the foot valve and screen. What do you think?

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