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Posted by ED on January 14, 2004 at 17:58:28:
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You should be familiar with the codes, number one.
Yes you can replace old cast iron with PVC if your local code permits it, should not be an issue. You can use rubber couplers (sometims called Fernco couplers after the manufacturer's name) to transition from the cast iron to the newer pipe whatever you choose to use. You should keep the same diameter replacement pipes.

You can use a cast iron soil-cutter (available at a tool rental center) or a reciprocating saw to cut old pipe away. The soil cutters are heavy but do a nice clean cut. The saw will spew dust and anything that's inside the pipe. Make sure NO one uses any of the fixtures while doing this work or you will end up with real mess! Cut off the bell and spigot (joints) portions of the pipes to transition to new pipes. You will want to have rubber gloves, plastic buckets, and dispoable bags to take care of the old stuff. Add any other safety devices, eye protection, breathing mask, etc. You can also stuff the pipes to prevent fumes if you will be working for an extended period.

: My home was built in 1917, and the waste water/sewer is the original. I have recently noticed some large rust nodules hanging from underneath the pipe. Some so bad, I am afraid to touch them for fear of putting my finger right through the pipe. Obviously, It should be replaced before the inevitable happens. I would like to tackle the job myself, but don't know much about codes. For instance: Can I replace with PVC of the same diameter? How do I transition from the cast iron to be left in place with the new PVC? And finally - is this going to be as nasty a job as I think it will be(speaking in terms of filth and stench not difficulty!)?

: Any ideas, info, and suggestions would be gretly appreciated!

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