Re: need creative drain vent
Posted by ED on January 14, 2004 at 17:46:35:
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You could possibly install what is known as "island venting" a system for kitchen sinks where there is no external wall to run a more traditional vent-to-roof. This is accomplished by installing a two-inch vent pipe loop under the counter that attaches to the drain below and to an underfloor re-vent pipe. This is not a simple procedure. You should consult with a plumber. A recently published plumbing how-to book should also give examples of an island vetning system.

: my kitchen sink doesnt have a vent, to put one in I need to rip out recently redone fixtures, wich I cant afford to replace at this time unfortunatly..
: I was wondering, to avoide using the one way cheater vent valves, and save money, can I drill threw the wall, and run the vent pipe up the outside of the house?

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