shower leak
Posted by Dave on January 14, 2004 at 16:31:35:
I have a 3 handle shower setup. Even when both the hot and cold faucets are closed as tightly as possible I still get a slow drip...will replacing the faucet cartriges fix this leak?
On a different subject I am installing a new tub and am wondering about the drain connection ..I bought a new gasket and put it on then screwed the pipe through the tub into the drain below but it doesnt seem to be getting a real tight seal...will applying plumbers putty to the flange before i put the rubber gasket on help fix this?, am I tightining it too much? It seems to snug up but when i turn it a little more it pops loose again...does it seat without being torqued down?
any advice ,as long as its good, is appreciated

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