Re: NEW American Standard Champion - Fluidmaster mechanism ??
Posted by Al L on January 14, 2004 at 09:47:18:
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The Fluidmaster is very quiet and shuts off well in normal operation but as the water level in the tank drops, the Fluidmaster valve doesn't turn on all the way and makes a hissing sound. The house water pressure is about 60#. Will that slow turn on etch the valve and cause premature failure? I know the correct solution would be to fix the leaking flush valve assembly, but every tank I have installed leaks. The miracle flush tower leaks more than my 10 year old toilet with flapper. Date codes on the tanks are May, June, August, September, and October of 2003. So far I have found three slightly different tank designs. Would be interested if anyone has a champion toilet with a tank that doesn't leak. What's the date of manufacture on the inside of the tank? Does the tower rock when you wiggle it, or does it feel pretty solid?

: Fluidmaster is the valve of choice by the majority of plumbers. I usually replaced the Smart Valve when I installed the toilets since I did not want to have a service call because the SV failed.

: : I was surfing the A.S. site (actually trying to find out what exact color my three 18 year old A.S. toilets are?) and got caught watching their video on the new Champion toilet that uses a "flush tower" instead of a flapper valve. As I looked closer I happened to notice they are using, what I think is a FLUIDMASTER assembly. Gee, what happened to their SmartValve 2000 ?? I bought three of them about two years ago when living in Florida, and they were really poor performers. Is this why they are NOT using them anymore, or am I jumping the gun and making false assumptions ?? I'm NOT a professional plumber, just a curious Homeowner !!
: : By the way, what IS the "BEST" mechanism for Heavy Duty Residential use ?? Fluidmaster -or- Korky ??