Re: overflowing toilet
Posted by jeff septicman on January 14, 2004 at 09:30:48:
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: do you live in a condo or i guess the ? is are you the only one hooked to that septic that could explain a downstairs toilet backing up but not likely most likely thing is that you shut the water off to the toilet (which is a very good idea when leaving the house for days) but didn't notice that the valve was dripping very slowly onto the floor, leaning on the tank to turn the valve off could have caused the tank bolts to leak the water from the tank to the floor none of this is very likely but what is not posable is that a backing septic system could back up to the upstairs toilet shut the toilet off again that leaked and then put a little bit of toilet paper under the valve and under the tank bolts come back in a few hours and see if theres water on the paper it could be a very slow drip but a couple of drips an hour is 50 drips a day and how long were you gone? :) if you find the problem i'd be intrested to know what it is thanks,,jeff

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