Re: Help with slow Septic tank/ too much rain
Posted by jeff,, septicman on January 14, 2004 at 09:05:29:
In response to Re: Help with slow Septic tank/ too much rain
:The septic system may be old and the drain beds maybe slow in taking the water from the septic tank but,,you say when it rains the system backs up, that usually means that surface water is getting into the system somewhere which is a very common problem, sometimes rain water puddles over the system and gets into the drain beds,having a lake behind the house also would make me think that posabley ground water (from a spring)is getting to the drain beds if septic is down slope from the house gutters on the house may help run down spouts away from septic system also take a rod and probe the ground 10 feet away from drainbeds and see if the ground is very wet if so a french drain above the system could stop ground water from getting to the system, leaky toilets also will cause the system to fail also everyone says their toilets not leaking but about half of the failed systems we service have a leaky toilet,,put food coloring in the tank and leave the toilet alone for 20 or so min. if the color gets from the tank to the bowl without flushing then we know the toilet is leaking lots of other things to try to many to type good luck,,jeff
p.s our local health dept dosn't charge to come out and check the system maybe yours dosn't they could tell you what needs to be done :)

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