Re: Hard to Reach Leaking Joint
Posted by e-plumber on January 13, 2004 at 22:03:03:
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: I posted before about my leaking shower but I have narrowed it down and now need advice on how to fix my problem.

: I had narrowed down the leak to the shower arm. I thought it would be at the joint where the chrome arm connects to the 1/2" female fitting inside the wall. Upon cutting around the drywall where the stubout comes out of, I see the leak is at the soldered joint between that 1/2" fitting and the copper pipe inside the wall.

: It is very tight, I do have access to the wall behind. But with the backer board the fitting is screwed too... I dont trust my soldering skills.

: What is the way to go about fixing this?? Is soldering the only fix?

If it is a solder joint that is leaking, the only correct fix is to install a new fitting and resolder it in place. You can protect the surrounding area with thin sheet metal, folded up foil or wet rags. Use only the amount of heat from the torch for the solder to take. Keep a spray bottle with water handy.
Good Luck. e-plumber

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