Broken PVC toilet flange
Posted by Char Mollerup on January 13, 2004 at 20:43:16:
To make a long story short. Our septic system backed up filling our sauna, laundry room and bathroom in the basement.My husband used our plunger to no avail and then bought a big plunger and it didn't work. He took the toilet off and plungered. He called a plumber who said call roto-rooter. We did. they came and fixed the clog. My husband put the toilet back on and screwed too tight and broke the flange. We are now out about 325.00. Please tell us how to get the broken flange off and replace it. We have no money for a plumber visit. I'm sure my husband would like me to say that he screwed it too tight because the toilet rocked and he was getting level.

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