Sudden hammering when Dishwasher is filling
Posted by wendy on January 13, 2004 at 13:58:50:
Hi, this dishwasher has been installed for over a year. Suddenly, the pipe(s) have started hammering when it is filling. I run hot water before starting the DW, so I am guessing it is the hot water pipe. It sounds REALLY bad.

If I turn on the kitchen faucet while it is hammering, the hammering will stop. No other pipes in the house hammer.

I was told on another forum to get an Arrestor. Should I put that right on the line under the sink or on the hot water heater?

If I put it on under the kitchen sink, do I put it on the actual vertical hot water pipe, the one with the shutoff, or do I put it on the copper piping that goes to the DW?

Can I get an arrestor at any hardware store?

Thank you.

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