Faulty pressure regulator on galvanized supply line
Posted by Dosser on January 13, 2004 at 12:48:44:
We recently experienced a loud humming noise from our pipes when faucets were run (pretty scary when your icemaker fills up at 3am).

I traced the humming back to the pressure regulator on our supply line - when the regulator is opened fully the humming stops. Anything less than this results in humming pipes.

Problem - with the regulator fully opened the pressure inside the house is approx 100psi. I need to replace the regulator with one of the non-humming variety.

The regulator is on a galvanized supply line located approx 10" from the cut-off valve, which is in turn located approx 10" from the water meter. All this is approx 20 yards from the house.

Given all these components are threaded together on a galvanized supply line - how do I get the old valve out and new one in? (without digging up the entire supply line?).


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