Re: Toilet not flushing properly
Posted by ophie on January 13, 2004 at 00:18:37:
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: The old toilet had no problems, but it was not a low flow toilet so it's not really an apple to apple to comparison. Looking down into the sewer line prior to installing the toilet, there appeared to be no blockage. Perhaps there is something further down the line?

Another observation I made since my original post: The flushing problem appears to be related to the water level in the bowl. When the toilet does not flush, the bowl water level is a little low. If I pour 2 large cups of water into the bowl and then flush, the toilet flushes just fine. The fill line appears to be working properly and is attached to the overflow. I have adjusted the flapper chain and the position of the foam float so that the flapper stays open for as long as possible. How can I get the bowl water level to stay consistently at a higher level?

: It is probably not the toilet but a problem with the drain system. Did the old one have the same problem?

: : We installed a new American Standard Cadet toilet. It has problems flushing. When it does flush, you have to hold the handle down for about 7 seconds. The water just keeps spinning around and around until it finally gets sucked down. Other times, the water just keeps spinning around and around and never gets sucked down.

: : Any ideas on what to do?

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