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Posted by hj on January 12, 2004 at 22:11:42:
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Try unscrewing the arm from the fitting in the wall. You may find that it will break off because it is cracked and that is what is leaking. It would not leak without the shower head because there is no back pressure then.

: Ive tried reading through the countless posts here for help, figure it may be best just to post.

: I have a leaking shower. Its a 3 piece shower, on a concrete slab. There a partition wall that seperates the shower stall from the rest of the bathroom, directly on the other side of wall is the shower stall side that has the plumbing.

: The leak occurs after taking a shower, small amount of moisture acumulates at the bottom of that partition wall, bathroom side. Some moisture seeps from the baseboard molding below. Its not enough to puddle but enough to be absorbed by a piece of toilet paper. It does not show up either when the shower has not been used.

: In order to find the leak I have done the following.

: I applied silicon caulk to any suspicious breaks and recauked everything inside the shower. I was sure that would fix it. Much to my dismay, the leak occured during my next shower after the caulk cured.

: There is water in the trap. I poured about 20 gallons of water down the shower drain. No moisture detected. Because of this a I assume that meant no leak on drainage pipe.

: I then removed the shower head this afternoon and poured about 25 gallons of water into a bucket without getting the floor or walls wet. No moisture detected.

: I then put the shower head back on the arm. Closed the shower head to hold pressure. Ran water for a few minutes and VOILA, the leak appeared.

: Does that mean the leak is at the joint where the chrome arm meets the water supply (copper I presume)? I cannot visually see in there even after taking the cap from around the arm off as the whole made for the stub out arm to comeout of the drywall is only about the diameter of the arm itself. Im guessing if that is where the leak is I have to cut the drywall and assemble a new arm.

: How would I go about this?

: And does this make sense on where the leak is given the information? What stumps me is why didnt water appear when I was running the faucet without the shower head holding pressure??

: Thanks for reading and for any advice.

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