Re: Septic smell in house
Posted by ED on January 12, 2004 at 17:14:58:
In response to Re: Septic smell in house
Have you tried to isolate the (location of) smell? When the HVAC is not running? If you can pinpoint the source, then you can effectively deal with it.

: : We moved into a 27 year old house and imediately replaced the old electric heat pump with a super hi efficiency gas furnace/ ac. We are on a septic tank system, too.
: : When ever we put over 20 gallons of water into the septic system, (wash clothes, showers, baths, etc.) and run the furnace / AC, we get a horrible septic smell in the house. We have tried dozens of things to solve this problem, including 4 septic tank cleanings in 7 years!!! Could our system have "vents" in the walls that the high efficiency furnace draws into the house heating ducts??? We are desparate!!!

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