Venting clawfoot tub (studor ) interior or exterior
Posted by Dave DuLong on January 11, 2004 at 21:54:58:
We have remodeled our 2nd floor bathroom and the water supply and waste lines need to be relocated(extended 4 feet)to accommodate placement of a clawfoot tub. A plumber has recomended the use of a studor vent up through the floor hidden behind the clawfoot tub because there is no way to tie into the existing vent system. There is barely enough height to acomodate the proper pitch for the drain within the Joists. First, is this an effective solution? second since the tub will be located on an exterior wall can a studor vent be vented outside as an alternative to having an eye sore of a vent up through the floor hidden behind the tub. If so what are the problems with having a studor vent hanging outside your house on the second floor?

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