NEW American Standard Champion - Fluidmaster mechanism ??
Posted by Wen Reder on January 11, 2004 at 15:58:25:
I was surfing the A.S. site (actually trying to find out what exact color my three 18 year old A.S. toilets are?) and got caught watching their video on the new Champion toilet that uses a "flush tower" instead of a flapper valve. As I looked closer I happened to notice they are using, what I think is a FLUIDMASTER assembly. Gee, what happened to their SmartValve 2000 ?? I bought three of them about two years ago when living in Florida, and they were really poor performers. Is this why they are NOT using them anymore, or am I jumping the gun and making false assumptions ?? I'm NOT a professional plumber, just a curious Homeowner !!
By the way, what IS the "BEST" mechanism for Heavy Duty Residential use ?? Fluidmaster -or- Korky ??