Re: 1 too hot!!!!
Posted by hj on January 11, 2004 at 09:11:22:
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The vent allows the radiator to fill with steam. Once it is full there is no control over the temperature. It is as hot as the steam is. You either have steam or no steam, nothing in between. The apparent temperature will depend on the temperature of the room. If one radiator heats up faster than the others, then adjustable vents can be used to limit the air venting speed and slow down an individual radiator so the others can catch up, but that is the limit of control you have in a steam, or loop hot water system for that matter, heating system.
: This is well and good. I understand the steam temp. But why is this one so hot? Doesn't the modulation have anything to do with the vent? Is it really reliant on the architecture of the set up? I'm sure age and pipe residue is at play here.
: again thanks to any respondants

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