Posted by Richard on January 10, 2004 at 19:27:30:
I want to build a shower enclosure like the one in the photo i have sent
to you. I am quite talented with my hands and most of the time i can
make something work but for this job i want to make sure how it it done
in stead of what i would do to get it done. this is the reason why i am
The room i have to work with is is in a apartment the floor is slab
concrete the left and back wall is block the right and forward wall (as
you walk in the door ) is a 60's style wire mesh with concrete then
plaster with 1/2 inch metal rods that hold the mesh in place. The room
is 5' wide by 7' deep the shower area is 30" wide by 5' long .
This was a tiled bath room with a cast iron tub, sink and camode. The
sink and camode are on the right wall, tub at the end of the room across
the back wall. I have taken out all of the tiles, mortar and part of the
mesh wall.
I need your help to find the best way to finish off this job. If you
have any questions i will be glad to provide what i know .
Thank you

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