Re: Help with slow Septic tank/ too much rain
Posted by Hube on January 10, 2004 at 11:29:55:
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: This may be too much of a question even for you excellent people. I am a mom of three, trying to hold down the fort here, and am running into a repeating problem with our septic tank. It was pumped out last summer and we were told it would be good for 2-3 years (4 people / 1,000 gal tank). We are water misers (No dishwasher, quick showers, water efficient toilets, no garbage disposal, etc), and have ran into problems twice this year during heavy snow and rainfall. Since we have a lake 1/4 mile behind us and one about 1/2 a mile in front and are on very level ground, we have a high water table anyway.

: The toilets are draining very slowly, and if you plunge it, sometimes water will appear in the bathtub. After the rains slow down or cease, the problem goes away promptly. It does this almost everytime it rains heavily and we need to figure out what to do, as it becomes impossible to do anything other than flush the toilet a few times a day while this is happening.

: My brother suggested we erect a large tarp over the septic tank area to keep rainwater seepage down, by I assume gravity will pull water in from the drainfield as well.

: This situation is hard because hubby just re-trained 3 months ago, and now that he is trucking, he is only home 4 days a month on average. I have to face this myself with little money and no way to get a loan or much extra money until hubby has been on the job longer.

: Is it possible to add something that will help divert rainwater from pulling back into the septic tank that will not cost too much? I have a backhoe, several strong armed young folks, and am willing to try something until we recover from the layoff. A temprary fix, but maybe not to the point of the Red Green show. Thank you so much for listening-

: I am sorry to have taken up so much space here-

I believe your septic TANK is Ok. ,and the problem is in the field tile bed that the septic tank sends the effluent to. The septic tank is a separation point for the "solids" to separate and the "clear liquid will go to the field bed. Over time, if there have been solids that have been sent to this field bed (from lack of periodic pump-outs) this bed will clog-up and then the tank appears to overflow.Since you say you have a Back-Hoe, do some checking at the point of EXIT from the tank and see what condition the Field Bed pipes are in. Good luck, Hube

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