Re: CPVC v. PEX New Residential Construction
Posted by Gary Slusser on January 10, 2004 at 11:21:46:
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: We're negotiating a new home construction contract. Our builder intends to use PEX for hot and cold water lines (and PVC for all drains). Most of the people we've talked to would recommend CPVC over PEX for various reasons, including future repair costs, etc.. We're in the western part of Virginia so temperatures are moderate. Any thoughts on using CPVC v. PEX?

You'll like the PEX system over CPVC for a number of reasons. One is much better water flow. Usually PEX is plumbed with a separate line from a manifold to exch fixture with a separate valve for each fixture and no fittings between the valve and fixture. The cost is much less to purchase the materials and the for the labor to install it than soldered or 'glued' fitting type materials.

As a DIYer, you can rent the tool to work on it later. That's if you need to use insert type fittings.

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