Re: Grohe shower valve fix
Posted by Ducs on January 10, 2004 at 11:09:03:
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Also, does anyone know how to adjust these units so the water is hotter? When we had the water at 100 degrees it was definitely colder than that. Even the highest setting is barely warm enough.

: We have one of those Grohe adjustable temperature showers. I believe this model is called Grohtherm.
: I was taking the temperature control apart to see if I could silicone around the tiles. There is a plastic green slotted thumbscrew type thing under the chrome cap. I turned it counter clockwise a few times and it came off. Trouble is there is a brass piston behind it that will no longer go back in so I cannot re-install the green thumbscrew.

: Does anyone know what is the right procedure to get the brass piston to retract backwards?

: Thank You

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