Venting questions
Posted by neb on January 09, 2004 at 22:20:01:
I am expanding a bathroom to include a whirlpool and have a couple of venting questions. The whirlpool location is about 12 feet away from the wall where all the drain, vent and supply pipes are. I need to connect the drain line but the main venting line is too far away. I am wondering about two different possibilities:

1. Can I add an "Y" connector and run a flat vent pipe above the drain line from the whirlpool. The drain line would have the gradual slope of 1/4" per foot but the vent line would run flat for about 12 feet and then connect to the main vent line?

2. Or, can I ran a vent along my roof line (or along the ceiling) and then drop it down for about 5 feet and connect it to the main vent line? Is the vent line allowed to go down at all?

Thank you ahead for your help. I see a lot of good advice on this board.

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