How to tell if Thermostat is bad in Hot Water heater
Posted by Frank on January 09, 2004 at 20:47:04:
My hot water heater is fairly new about 5-6years old, around ThanksGiving when I came home I found that the T&P valve was spewing out water all over my basement... so I turned off the water to the tank and let the pressure level out a bit in the tank and then turned back on the water to the tank... Just recently (today) the valve started to leak water again, Id say the valve is bad correct???

There was something in common with both incidents, it was awfully hot in the room where the hotwater heater was due to the heat being on full blast in my house. The water intake pipe was fairly hot....

I am going to replace the valve tomorrow, so is there anything you can suggest to diagnose the Thermostat?

Thanks in Advance!!

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