Kohler Power Flush Toilet
Posted by Charles on January 09, 2004 at 12:07:15:
I came across an 8 year old Kohler, (I believe is called) Pressure Clean, serial # T955329, it's a 2-piece power assist.
For the sake of clarity I'll call the tank within the tank the pressure tank, the center has a brown "canister", with the cartridge screwing into the canister.
I removed the old cartridge without a hitch, but the special order, (discountinued) replacements came with the cartridge in the canister. I can't get the old canister out of the pressure tank, and the new carttridge doesn't want to come out of the new canister...
I've changed out Elgers and others without much effort = handles of my channel locks´┐Ż But this has really got me baffeled!

Any suggestions? Special tools?
...Time for a whole new toilet?

Thank you in advance!


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