Re: encounter difficulties when design basement bathroom.
Posted by Deb on January 09, 2004 at 11:02:19:
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: Hi, Dear Pros:

: I met a problem when I designing the full bathroom in my unfinished
: basement.

: What I understand is that the position of toilet drain determines the
: location of future wall (from center of the drain to wall is 12.5").
: If I get the wall's position figured out, the center of the drain left
: for tub will be 11.5" from the future wall.
: Please refer the picture I've drawn for the design of the bathroom at:

: I went to homedepot, lowes, and measured all the tub, and found that
: overflow pipe should goes down to drain (p-trap) directly and drain from
: tub goes to overflow pipe, which require the drain to be located only
: 2-3" from the wall, but mine is 11.5".

: With the location of the drains I have, the only thing I can think of is
: to have the tub drain goes to the existing drain directly and have
: overflow pipe runs through the wall to the drain left for sink. However,
: the tub drain should only be around 8"-9" from the wall in order to
: to have the shoe sit directly on top of the drain. :(((

: I don't want to dig the concret at this moment yet.

: COuld any pro give me some advice on how to solve my problem?

: Thank you very much!

Is this a vertical or horizontal pipe? Is there a p-trap already? Was there a concrete blockout for the tub? You absolutely CANNOT plumb this the way you are talking about. Call in a plumber to see what can be done. If the drain is out of place you will need to break out the concrete--it will not be an option. Do this the right way the first time. Sometimes you cannot have your cake and eat it too. ;-)
The Pipewench