encounter difficulties when design basement bathroom.
Posted by Tim on January 09, 2004 at 09:47:06:

Hi, Dear Pros:

I met a problem when I designing the full bathroom in my unfinished

What I understand is that the position of toilet drain determines the
location of future wall (from center of the drain to wall is 12.5").
If I get the wall's position figured out, the center of the drain left
for tub will be 11.5" from the future wall.
Please refer the picture I've drawn for the design of the bathroom at:

I went to homedepot, lowes, and measured all the tub, and found that
overflow pipe should goes down to drain (p-trap) directly and drain from
tub goes to overflow pipe, which require the drain to be located only
2-3" from the wall, but mine is 11.5".

With the location of the drains I have, the only thing I can think of is
to have the tub drain goes to the existing drain directly and have
overflow pipe runs through the wall to the drain left for sink. However,
the tub drain should only be around 8"-9" from the wall in order to
to have the shoe sit directly on top of the drain. :(((

I don't want to dig the concret at this moment yet.

COuld any pro give me some advice on how to solve my problem?

Thank you very much!