Re: high pressure oil furnace
Posted by Steve on January 08, 2004 at 20:11:06:
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Probably a bit late for a response for you
but I think I have the solution. We were just looking at nearly the same problem at my house and it turns out the coil for the domestic hot water inside the furnace is leaking into the furnace causing tons of excess pressure.
We have actually rigged a bypass for the coil and are running out hot water off of an electric heater now and have the coil capped off. That probably isn't the solution you would want to go with, but atleast you may know the cause of your headache.

: I live in a 2 family home. The oil furnace is over 35 yrs. old( hot water system).Gas service powers normal hot water in house except for winter heat. When cold the pressure is about 5--7 psi. When temp. on furnace reaches 140--150 degrees, pressure rises to 35--37 psi. Overflow runs over, water into a bucket.
: I drained the expansion tank ( age unknown) and refilled, no change in performance of furnace..
: Please advise on possible problems. Thank you. jm

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