Re: American Standard v. Toto
Posted by Terry Love on January 08, 2004 at 15:44:39:
In response to Re: American Standard v. Toto

: American Standard has a new "Champion" toilet that it claims beats everything even pressure assist.

: Anyone know anything about them.

: Looks like they are taking aim at Toto.

I have both installed.
My preference is for the Toto at this time.

The flush valve on the Champion seems to loose water, and I've heard that from others too.
It's a brand new design and time will tell if the first design will last.

It's a bear to install, It's heavy and needs a deep socket to install the tank.
If you plan on a commercial style seat, attaching the seat bolt on the left side will be interesting to say the least.

It much like the Toto Drake series in trapway design, being long and sweeping.
When the Champion's water is in the tank, it does well most of the time.

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