Last joint leaking in water supply
Posted by ToiletTrubles on January 08, 2004 at 09:10:31:
In a Terry Love message in 1998, he said "Remember, that there must be an open faucet when soldering. If not, the last joint soldered will leak." I'm having that problem with a hot water supply line going to a shower faucet mixer. All other stubouts are capped. I've tried to inset a T into the horizontal supply line several times and it keeps leaking. There doesn't appear to be water in the pipes when I get started and I've even put in a little bread to make sure. But after heating the fitting for a short time, I'll start getting drips out of the bottom of the T fitting.

I've opened the mixer valve all the way to where hot water would come out of the showerhead if there was hot water. The tub spout is capped.

I have not drained the cold water lines since those are leak-free. Does that matter -- could it be the water coming in from the cold side of the mixer when I get started? Any thoughts on how to get a leak-free connection with the T? I could uncap the hot water lavatory stubout (about 5' away) if steam build-up is a problem.

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