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Posted by hj on January 08, 2004 at 08:11:09:
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From your description it appears you have three elbows right together. If they are all 90 degree elbows someone did not do a very good job of installing the system. 12" might not be enough room to install the new connection, but if it is, then there should be no problem with it. If the water table is that high you are going to have a problem keeping the water away while you install and glue the new pipes. It makes no difference what you put around the pipes because soil drainage has nothing to do with the water table level.
: Great Board!

: We've broken concrete and are ready to plumb rough-ins.

: After digging out the old concrete and gravel below we found the 3" pipe underwater. We have a high water table and sump pump.

: We will be plumbing for a full bath...shower, toilet and sink.

: #1: When we pump out the water, will adding sand help with the drainage around the underground pipe? It's clay soil.

: #2: The three inch stack goes into the floor at a 45 degree slope. From there an elbow connects it to an approximately 12" piece of pipe lying flat underground before another elbow and short pipe followed by another elbow before the long run to the main drain.

: What we'd like to know is if we can use a 3" combination wye with an eighth bend in place of the 12" segment to tie in our new basement plumbing. We can not tap anywhere else in that drain line without chopping a few more feet of concrete. And that's very hard work!

: #3: Regarding clean-outs. Would we need to install new clean-outs for the new drain plumbing? Where? The toilet will be about 6 feet from the tie-in. The shower and sink will be joined underground with two inch pipe and tied into the three inch toilet drain with a reducing wye. Would we need to install a clean-out for the two inch pipe as well as the three inch.
: Or can the drains (shower, toilet, etc) do double duty as cleanouts? The two inch shower drain will run about 6 feet or so from its tie-in downstream to the new three inch toilet drain.

: We will be venting all fixtures to roof each with its own vent.

: Thanks

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