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Posted by ED on January 07, 2004 at 22:27:16:
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The old adage "If it ain't broke, don't fix it, applies here. If your plumbing and fixtures remain undisturbed in your renovation, then you may keep the drum trap intact.

Otherwise, drum traps are no longer code approved in many (most)localities. And if you renovate the plumbing in that bathroom, you will have to replace it.

: I am currently remodeling a 7' x 9' master bathroom and have gotten down to the joists and studs.

: I have a 5'soffit above the tub area that I would like to remove. The soffit does not hold any electrical or plumbing lines and appears strictly cosmetic.

: Please let me know what the purpose of this popular structure was and what relevance it serves today. What would the pros and cons be of removal?

: I also have a bathtub clean-out trap that is rather large and is capped at the tile level by a shiny 4" cover. I have been told that it is installed using lead fittings and would take quite a bit of labor to remove and replace beneath the sub-floor. Please provide any insight on this and why it should or should not be removed ad what would truly be involved.

: Thanks for a wonderful resource that is essential for any woman/man homeowner to review!

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