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Posted by Deb on January 07, 2004 at 21:16:07:
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: : : I'm working on replacing shut off valves (aka angle stops) on my pedastal sink in the bathroom. A couple of sources (one a book and one a magazine article) say the way to do that is with compression nuts. Is that better than sweating the angle stop on? Will compression hold up over time? TIA.

: : If the compression fitting is installed correctly, it will last forever. Since stops need to be replaced, I think it is folly to solder them.
: : Deb
: : The Pipewench

: Deb,
: What do you think about using the screw on stops with 1/2" chrome nipples? (I found these decorative stops for my pedestal sinks)

We have used threaded fittings for a long long time very successfully. Installed properly they will give you years of service. Plus the chrome nipples and decorative stops will look great on your pedestal sink.
The Pipewench

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