Re: shut off valves
Posted by Terry Love on January 07, 2004 at 15:18:23:
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: No pipe dope or teflon tape?? Everyone says use pipe dope or joint compound and/or tape?? Everyone meaning at least two home improvement article writers.

: But, you know, I noticed the box the angle stop comes in says to just use light oil.....
: Tom

The first time I read the box was about 29 years ago, I showed it to my journeyman.

Light oil.

Been using it ever since with good results.
I've seen stops put on with the other stuff, you need to remove it to stop the leaks.

I tech edited one of those books you may have read, and had lunch with the writer at the Azteca restaurant in Kirkland.
I told him at lunch about the Teflon tape fiasco, but he didn't remember it.
I should have put it in writing.
Terry Love

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