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Posted by Tom on January 07, 2004 at 14:48:48:
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No pipe dope or teflon tape?? Everyone says use pipe dope or joint compound and/or tape?? Everyone meaning at least two home improvement article writers.

But, you know, I noticed the box the angle stop comes in says to just use light oil.....


: Tom,
: That is what they make "sleeve pullers" for.
: Just drop that tool on there and it pulls the nut and sleeve off the end of the pipe.
: I would say that 35% of the installs require me to replace the angle stop.
: If they had been soldered on, Good Grief! That would have been horrible.

: I had one customer that tried soldering on 1/2" Male Adapters under his cabinets. He almost burned the house down. The chome plate behind the stop was almost melted.
: He "now" believes in the compression method.

: by the way, use light oil on the threads, like WD40,
: please no Teflon tape or pipe dope here.
: Terry Love

: : Yea, and since the compression nut and sleeve stay on the pipe even when you have to replace the stop, seems like replacement would be fairly simple. I guess I did not see the downside to compression fittings.

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