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Posted by Terry Love on January 07, 2004 at 12:52:26:
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That is what they make "sleeve pullers" for.
Just drop that tool on there and it pulls the nut and sleeve off the end of the pipe.
I would say that 35% of the installs require me to replace the angle stop.
If they had been soldered on, Good Grief! That would have been horrible.

I had one customer that tried soldering on 1/2" Male Adapters under his cabinets. He almost burned the house down. The chome plate behind the stop was almost melted.
He "now" believes in the compression method.

by the way, use light oil on the threads, like WD40,
please no Teflon tape or pipe dope here.
Terry Love

: Yea, and since the compression nut and sleeve stay on the pipe even when you have to replace the stop, seems like replacement would be fairly simple. I guess I did not see the downside to compression fittings. Thanks, folks!

: Tom

: : If the compression fitting is installed correctly, it will last forever. Since stops need to be replaced, I think it is folly to solder them.
: : Deb
: : The Pipewench

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