Removing plug from roughed-in tub drain?
Posted by John E on January 06, 2004 at 21:20:16:
About 9 years ago, when our house was being built, we asked the builder to have the plumber install a bathtub and the rough-in plumbing to go along with it. But the budget was running tight, so we left that bathroom unfinished.

Now I'm finally getting around to finishing the bathroom. Looking at the tub, I find that there's some sort of a metal plug installed in the drain, and a similar plug in the overflow. The plug has a flat top surface with the marking "TAYLOR-PLUG(R)" and a patent number. It also has a tab sticking up out of the center.

The tab looked like I could grab it with a pair of pliers and turn it to twist the plug out, but I found that the tab itself is attached to a threaded screw, and turning it just removed the screw from the center of the plug. The plug itself wouldn't budge.

Is there some special tool I need to remove these plugs so I can get on with the finish plumbing work?

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