Sump pump check valve problem
Posted by Ron on January 06, 2004 at 15:12:56:
I have a Flotec Ironmate � hp sump pump with 1.5� PVC discharge pipe and a Flotec FP-0026-10 inline check valve. My problem is with the check valve. Its 3 pieces, the plastic check valve in the center and two rubber couplers on the ends all held together with hose clamps. After some time the connection between the rubber coupler and the plastic check valve starts to leak, meaning water is spraying out when the pump is running. The first check valve lasted 6 months the last check valve lasted only 1 month. I�ve had no problems where the rubber coupler attaches to the PVC pipe. Flotec thinks it might be from the torque of the pump flexing the pipe when activated wears out the parts. They suggest I try locking down the discharge pipe with a 2 x 4 and pipe strap. I was thinking maybe a check valve made of something more rigid than plastic perhaps PVC or steel. I have a narrow sump pit 11�(length) x 11�(width) x 22�(deep). I also have a Basement Watchdog battery backup pump mounted to the discharge pipe above the main pump, so things are pretty tight in there. I was hoping to get your thoughts on this and maybe some suggestions on how to fix this. Thanks for any advice you can give.

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