Re: leaky....shower faucets..I GOT TWO
Posted by TinyTina on January 06, 2004 at 13:16:58:
In response to Re: leaky....shower faucets..I GOT TWO
: SHOWER ONE-dual knobs (hot & cold knobs) spout at bottom...pull up on knob at lower spout to shower--
: ---what I have tried...taken the whole thangy washers...every piece is clean from corrosion..tightened hot and cold screws!!!

: SHOWER TWO-One knob thangy...turn for hot(left) and cold(right) ...taken da whole thang off da wall!! no corrosion...plastic pieces are all still white!He he cleaned up da chrome. Put everythang back together and still leaks!!!
: Plumber Dumb here...but really willing to learn!! Plz help

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