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Posted by hj on January 06, 2004 at 08:17:43:
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The soffit was strictly a decorative item to make the bathtub area appear cozier. Once the shower curtain or door was installed there was only a small gap above it. It was common in the 60's and before.

: I am currently remodeling a 7' x 9' master bathroom and have gotten down to the joists and studs.

: I have a 5'soffit above the tub area that I would like to remove. The soffit does not hold any electrical or plumbing lines and appears strictly cosmetic.

: Please let me know what the purpose of this popular structure was and what relevance it serves today. What would the pros and cons be of removal?

: I also have a bathtub clean-out trap that is rather large and is capped at the tile level by a shiny 4" cover. I have been told that it is installed using lead fittings and would take quite a bit of labor to remove and replace beneath the sub-floor. Please provide any insight on this and why it should or should not be removed ad what would truly be involved.

: Thanks for a wonderful resource that is essential for any woman/man homeowner to review!

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